We are a consulting firm based on Kathmandu Nepal dedicated to help pharmaceuticals companies of nepal to grow and expand their market share against multinationals.

We provide range of consultation services from digital marketing, salesforce preparation and planning to brand building and crafting marketing plan for pharmaceuticals industry of Nepal.

You can directly reach us via phone 9801013376 or email – baamaconsultant@gmail.com

Yes we provide trailered services for segment of products or disease profile.

Being a salesforce planner for various Nepalese pharmaceuticals we always do have a spot to fill in managerial on non managerial role. Keep in touch with us for placement assistance  

Our training programs varies from short workshops to months long of capacity building programs. We conduct all kind of training programs needed for Nepalese pharmaceuticals industry. 

We follow ethical practice and guideline to gather & analyze  the data. We do have partnership with various distributors and pharmacies outlets & physicians  to gather data and information across nepal. 

We do have a experienced and dedicated team and strong network of professionals.