Training for Medical Representative

Here is the full idea and presentation on how we provide training for medical representative.


• To create a more productive, passionate workforce by helping individuals to reach their highest level of performance and potential

• To help your organization to build on your performance day by day by providing coaching, mentoring, sharing experience, and motivating your field force to reach your organization’s goal.


• To provide

➢Synopsis of the curriculum

➢Synopsis of the training Methodologies

➢Synopsis on Training Need Assessment (TNA)

➢Synopsis on Business theory and Motivation that will help to 

achieve the organization’s goals.

The activity will cover

➢Leadership and development

➢Sales and marketing workshops

➢Soft skill development

➢Performance enhancement

➢Effective communication

➢Personal Productivity

➢Effective delegation techniques to genuinely empower the team

“The Major key to a better future is You”

• The meetings would be approximately 8 hours long

• The meeting format is flexible in order to cope with your current challenges.

➢Sales process and Analysis (60min)

➢Negotiation skill (30min)

➢Communication skill (30min)

➢Leadership skill (30min)

➢Team building activities (60min)

➢Time management during field Work (60min)

➢Motivation topic on “I M POSSIBLE”(60min)

➢Question and answer (30min)

Training Outcome

• Discover self-potential 

• Diminish false belief

• Add self-confidence and develop a winning mindset

• Improved communication and leadership skills

• Developed winning strategies

• Motivating oneself for a better outcome

Training Methodologies

• Powerpoint presentation

• Audio and video

• Practical peer and group activities

• Simulation and demonstration

• Games and stories

From TNA to Sustainability 

• Determine the desired level of performance (Business Goal, objective)

• Determine the current level of performance (Evaluation)

• Determine the cause of the performance gap

➢Root cause performance issue


➢Knowledge, skill, and ability

• Curriculum development and execution

• Handout and notes

• Training evaluation form

About Trainer in Pharma

Diwakar Rijal

  • 18th years of experience in pharmaceuticals marketing primarily in the Nepalese Pharma market.
  • Worked with Panacea Biotec, Eros lab a div of Micro lab, Pfizer Limited, Eli Lilly and company in various role.
  • We have gained knowledge of market research, marketing activities, product promotion, and sales force capabilities. 
  • We have had the privilege of working with very highly capable individuals willing to give their best in their careers.
  • Our experience is to truly help these individuals to reach their fullest potential.

Esteemed Clients

Esteemed Clients of BaAma Consultant looking for Medical Representatives

Motivational sessions

• The Major key to a better future is You

• You vs You (Exploring within you)

• Leading your Purposeful life 

• Outdo yourself (Competing your own Limit)

• Impossible to I M Possible (Everything is possible)

• Let the Dead Leaves drop (Change Management)

• Excellence is Journey (Vague to perfection)

• The power of baby steps (Goal setting to goal getting)

• Only Babies Born (Exploring your Dream)

Training Services

• Executive Coaching

• Leadership development

• Managerial development

• Sales Rep Training

• Staff training

• Outdoor Training

• Medical Training

• Training Module

Leadership Development 

• Customized training program

• Performance management

• Problem-solving and decision making

• Analytical thinking

• Strategic marketing

• Leading with Emotional intelligence

• Leadership

• Transition to leadership

• Situational leadership

• Coaching skills

• Strategic and lateral thinking

Sales and Marketing Workshop

• Selling skills

• Objection handling skills

• Team building

• Negotiation skills

• Maximizing return on investment

• Sales management

• Key account management 

• Communication skills

• Analytical thinking

• Lateral thinking

• Problem-solving and decision making

• Excellence through execution

• Brand management

• Conducting review meeting

Soft Skill Development

• Communication skill

• Interpersonal communication 

• Time management

• Conflict management 

• Personal Effectiveness

• College to corporate

• Being professional

• Etiquette and Manners

• Interpersonal skills

• Emotional intelligence 

• Negotiations skill

• Team building

• Behavior management

• Facilitation skill

• Positive attitude

• Outdoor games

• Belonging to the organization

• Interviewing skills

We help you to build People, Brands, Business

we help you to build people, brand, business from Medical Representative training in BaAma Consultant

• Motivational sessions

• Training Services

• Leadership Development

• Sales and Marketing Workshop

• Soft Skill Development 

• Emotional intelligence