Looking for a Pharmaceutical Consultant and Productivity Coach?

Do you believe that an organization should be committed to innovation and productivity in order to survive and thrive in a competitive globalized environment? Does your company is also looking for better pharmaceutical consultant and productivity coach?

If yes, Diwakar Rijal has established himself as one of Nepal’s most trusted experts in transforming organizations and people to be agile and adaptable in this new scientific and technological advanced world. He has over twenty years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry and as a trainer/ coach and has helped organizations and people through his signature programs like, WASULI “ THE ART OF TAKING ROI”, LET THE DEAD LEAVES DROP, ONLY BABIES ARE BORN; A NEW ANALOGY OF PUBLIC SPEAKING, LEADING THE PURPOSEFUL CAREER, “HEALTH CARE PROFESSIONAL” HCPS SOFT SKILLS SESSION; DECISION MAKING, CONFLICT MANAGEMENT, COMMUNICATION, ADOPT TO CHANGE,  PREPARING REDEFINING AND CULTIVATING SALES FORCE STRATEGY, STRATEGIC BRAND PLAN, IS DIGITAL NEW NORMAL FOR PHARMACEUTICALS.

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About Diwakar Rijal

Mr. Diwakar Rijal; CEO of BaAma Consultant has delivered key-note addresses and WORKSHOP at APPON (Association of pharmaceuticals producers of Nepal), QbD Pharmaceuticals, Asian Pharmaceuticals, Adley, Zee laboratories; M.K. Healthcare, Simca Laboratories, Yetichem Distributors (sales  team of Roche; Neon and Covidien)  CTL Pharmaceuticals, Corel Pharmaceuticals, Innovative Pharma Lab, Biogain Remedies, Panas Pharmaceuticals, Aadee Remedies, PEAN (Pharmaceuticals Executive association of Nepal), Chirayu Poly Clinic, National Healthcare, Metro Hospital, Bharatpur Central Hospital and many more.

With his interactive, energetic and practical teaching style, he inspires employees and managers to achieve greater productivity and success with his mantra “Sales Productivity is the key to organizational success”.

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Need for Productivity and Creativity

It is essential for business organizations to be creative and productive. Information and technology have revolutionized lives. In an era of such rapid change, only those organizations can survive that are nimble and can adapt in a VUCA world. As a result of Diwakar Rijal’s programs, employees can learn how to internalize the qualities of creativity and productivity. The following are some essential points that he emphasize the need for Productivity and Creativity:

1. Organizations should be forward-thinking

Employees and organizations who are innovative are always searching for solutions to problems. Through his unique ideas and practical tips, Diwakar Rijal can help your organization become a problem solver and the leader in your niche domains.


2. Organizations must be capable of taking greater risks

Several studies have shown that organizations that take more risks can continue to evolve. Taking risks for innovation does not have to involve everything being at risk. It means taking calculated risks, accepting shortcomings, and embracing change, says Diwakar Rijal.


3. Organizations should keep their employees productive and customers satisfied

Inertia is a major problem for established businesses, which negatively impacts employee productivity. This leads to decreased customer satisfaction. Diwakar Rijal inspires people to challenge the status quo and discard conventional thinking methods. He shares Out-of-the-box thinking which creates  disruption in sales.

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Things That Pharmaceutical Consultant and Productivity Coach Needs to Adapt

Diwakar Rijal believes that every human being is born productive and innovative. A person’s innovative tendencies are held back by traditional business cultures and orthodox societal conditioning. As a trainer and speaker, Diwakar Rijal’s approach relies on the adoption of the following points:

1. The immediate goal of a company is growth, but that can be achieved by understanding the employees and the administration’s real pain points.

2. Be willing to accept change as the only constant and always strive to find new and innovative ways to solve problems.

3. The best way to increase productivity and innovation is to be creative, and this can be achieved if organizations cultivate cultures that foster creativity and openness to change.

4. People and organizations should be encouraged to be courageous and constantly think about how novelty can be introduced in the existing systems to bring about better results.

5. The challenges in the 21st century are more complex and fast co-relational thinking is the need of the hour for productivity and innovation.


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  1. Great to hear that Mr Diwakar Rijal is delivering Result oriented programs in Nepal . His rich field experience and passionate in Trainings helps the Pharma managers to Transform and thrive in career .


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