Medical representative job – Roles & Responsibility

The pharmaceutical sales representative or Medical representative job is to fulfil its roles and responsibility as frontier field force to represent its company & its product to the healthcare professionals and assist the supply chain of company.

Medical Representative is the most visible person in pharmaceutical marketing and is the most important position in the hierarchy. A medical representative is the person who represents the pharmaceutical company and their products in front of doctors, pharmacists and other relevant healthcare professionals. Furthermore, they build a network with healthcare professionals to promote product awareness, answer queries regarding the usage of products, provide advice and help introduce new products. They are also responsible for the sales of the company. It is also a must to know the roles and responsibility of a medical representative job beforehand.

Medical Representative is a highly rewarding job yet physically as well as mentally challenging. The person also needs to be physically fit, mentally alert, skilled communicator, presentable, punctual, committed and responsible to be able to succeed in the amazing field of Pharmaceutical Marketing.

Medical Representative’s basic job involves continuous fieldwork, travelling, waiting for doctor visits for prescription generation. They also have to deal with retailers and stockiest, administrative work, sales pressure etc.

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There is a plenty of responsibility that signifies the job of a Medical Representative such as

  • Identifying and Making customers list as per allocated geography by the company.
  • Visiting specified number of doctors according to a monthly pre-planned tour plan.
  • Promoting right product to right doctor and giving planned input to the right customers.
  • Generating new customers as well as developing long-term relationships with existing ones.
  • Meeting retail, chemists to ensure that the products are easily available.
  • Doing follow up of the prescription and taking POBs.
  • Meeting the company appointed stockiest/wholesalers to ensure that sufficient stock is kept for distribution to retail, chemists.
  • Timely submission of complete Daily Reports planned by the company.
  • Achieving assigned targets of the company.
  • Implementation of marketing and sales strategies planned by PMT/Marketing head sales head/ div. head.
  • Monitoring competitors’ activity and competitors’ products and giving feedback to the company.
  • Attending weekly, monthly or quarterly Sales Review Meetings to discuss target versus achievement, product promotion strategies, new launches, and future sales planning.

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