Skills required for Medical Representative in New Normal

As the world continues to monitor the spread of COVID-19, industries of all kinds have been affected. Parallel to all other sectors, pharmaceutical businesses also faced several problems whereby Medical Representative faced the most due to strict social distancing measures and individuals concerns. When it comes to the role of the Medical Representative, there’s certainly no manual for how to proceed during times like these but it’ll be critical to carefully navigate their relationships with doctors and other health professionals and help them put patients first. Big disruptions like these are hence sure to affect everyday business. But they also hold opportunities to rethink existing approaches and try out new ideas. Let’s talk about important skills of medical representative for the new normal.

Skills required for Medical Representative

Major Skills of Medical Representative

The question is how Medical representatives will stay engaged with their customers during these times of changing needs and constraints. As people and Organizations plan for the next stage, it is those who have real strength in adaptability, resilience, creativity, innovation and agility that will rise. Some of the areas Medical Representatives should focus on are:


Adapting to a constantly changing work environment and being flexible in an uncertain world is increasingly vital for companies.

You can also reward those who are willing to embrace change and keep an open mind related to their job duties in the long run.


As remote work environments continue to flourish, communication is becoming more difficult. Leadership and communication skills work hand in hand to achieve results in the new normal. Information can hence be easily confused and misconstrued as we rely more heavily on email and written communications. Skills in writing and oral communication are even more important now in our new normal.

Digital and technological Skill

Today’s Medical Representatives need to be thinking about how they develop their IT and digital capability. They also need to focus on their remote customer service skills. It is essential to be familiar with digital detailing, conducting webinars, analysis of digital data etc. These are key skills that the majority of representatives will require to be effective in the future.

Learning Skill

The vital skill of Medical Representative need in this environment is the ability to learn and relearn and brush-up their skills. This is also a great opportunity for Medical Representatives to enhance their learning and developing skills by attending some training and sessions. That learning may be new skills, new technologies, a new way of working and perhaps even new jobs and careers

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